February 14, 2013

Metro regular Thursday spot


Here are a few illustrations for the Meteo newspaper where i have a regular spot illustrating for the books review section. One day turnaround from concept to completion is pretty hectic, but its a good platform for experimentation. Trying to add a bit more hand drawn elements into the screen printed bits.



Ill keep throwing these up each week to see some style changes. Have a goose ganders at the physical print each thursday in the books section. Enjoy.


February 6, 2013


The start of the process before anything is refined.

February 6, 2013




Check out the ESPN USA website for a full feature illustartion commission i have recently taken on. Click on the image to get straight to the page. A great commission with a number of illustrations and spot graphics. This was for web and ipad only. Are things shifiting to digital? I think so.